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Intro to Fasteners

Welcome to the tools section of the construction documentation! For the first part of this section we will be taking a look at fasteners. Fasteners are essential for locking in paramount pieces that allow the robot to maintain form. Each type of fastener comes in many forms, shapes and sizes; while we may not cover every one of them in detail, we hope that this documentation gives you a strong foundation with using construction tools.

For a quick look at a variety of fasteners!


Little stripping of screws is acceptable. Remember to scrap any type of stripped screws, nuts, or bolts.


Bolts are not used often here in robotics. You can read more about them here.


Read about them in the linked doc. There's not much to say about this.


Only use the wrench to grip nuts and bolts.


Washers should be used with screws, bolts, and nuts to prevent loosening and to distribute the weight between the washer and screws, bolts, or nuts over a larger area.


Spacers come in different sizes (⅛", ¼", 2", etc.). Acetal Hex Spacers are used to maintain space between components.


Locite is used to lock a screw in place. It has three different strengths. Blue is the lowest strength. Red is the medium strength. Green is the strongest strength.

Last update: 2023-01-28