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Safe Behaviors and Practices

A key aspect of safety in the workspace is developing good habits and practices. Doing so can help dramatically reduce the likelihood of an accident, and subsequently, an injury. Establishing safe habits also helps with the growth of a good safety culture.

Robot Operation

  • Safety rules for robot operation encompass all aspects when dealing with the robot, whether it be handling it for transportation, testing its functions, or driving it.
  • When lifting the robot, remember to lift with the legs, not with the back
    • Keep your back straight and vertical when lifting. The robot is very heavy
  • Always have somebody else help you when lifting the robot. Never lift it by yourself
  • Lift the robot by the frame, never the bumpers. Doing so not only damages the bumpers, but also increases the chance of the attachments failing, causing the robot to fall
  • When turning to robot on to test functions, be sure to inform all teammates around you, as well as ensuring that all hands are off the robot
  • If testing the drivetrain and other mobility function of the robot, make sure that it is rested on blocks with the wheels raised from the work surface
  • Ensure that any sharp edges or corners are filed down to prevent injury when interacting/working on the robot
  • When driving the robot, make sure that the space around the robot is clear and that everyone knows it is enabled
    • Only qualified members or members who receive permission to may drive the robot.
    • Always have more than one person present when the robot is enabled (Have a spotter!)

Last update: 2023-11-14