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General Safety Guidelines

General Goal of Safety

Safety is always first. This manual’s purpose is to prevent robotics and machinery related injuries, illnesses, or emergencies. By following the guidelines set in this safety manual, you can help keep yourself and the people around you safe.

General Safety Rules

  1. Always put your own and others’ safety first during meetings, when working on the robot, and during competitions
  2. Mills High School Code of Conduct and safety rules apply to all students in the Makerspace
  3. During competitions, always wear safety glasses in the pit
  4. In the Makerspace Construction area (behind the tape), always wear safety glasses
  5. No vehicles in the Makerspace
  6. Keep food and drink in the regulated Food Table
  7. Horseplay is prohibited in the Makerspace

All members of Team 253 are required to:

  1. Understand and follow safety manual rules and directions
  2. Ask a member of the safety team, or any robotics managers if assistance is needed

Last update: 2023-01-28