Shift+? Keyboard shortcuts Opens a list of all Onshape Shortcuts

Ctrl+Z Undo Undoes the most recent action

Ctrl+Y Redo: Redoes a recently undone action

Space Clear selection: Clears the selected object

Shift+Enter Accept and repeat a command: Applies the activated command and reactivates it to be used again.

D Dimension: Activates the dimension command

E Equal: Makes a selection equal in size to another

H Horizontal: Places a selection in the horizontal position

V Vertical: Places a selection in the vertical position

Q Toggle construction: Creates construction geometry

F Zoom to fit: Zooms the drawing to fit the screen

M Trim: Highlight pieces of a sketch to delete.

T Tangent: Make two entities tangent to each other. They “intersect perfectly”.

I Coincident: Define two points to occupy the same position.

L Line: Create a line.

G Rectangle: Create a rectangle.

C Circle: Create a circle.

A Arc: Create an arc.

Esc Escape: Exit out of a menu.

Last update: 2023-01-28